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Der Denture Centre proudly offers precision dentures in Prince George to ensure one of the highest-quality and best-fitting denture options available in our industry. With our state-of-the-art denture fabrication equipment, we are capable of constructing  precision dentures for all your needs. Setting the bar high for overall aesthetics, comfort, fit, and function, precision dentures may be one of the best options available to you. Contact Us for more information about our precision denture procedures.

Precision Dentures

Your precision dentures fabrication process begins with the gathering of facial data which is recorded to recreate your natural smile, facial muscles, and contour of your lips as closely as possible. An injection system is used to eliminate much of the shrinkage associated with traditional dentures. Reflecting light through several layers, precision dentures resist much wear, chipping, and staining for a more natural teeth colour. Advantages of precision dentures include:

Comfort and optimum fit
Strength and durability
Natural aesthetics
Cleanliness and bio-compatibility
Less staining
Less collected odours and bacteria
precision dentures
before and after
before and after1
before and after2
before and after3

The Right Fit

Your dentures can be much more comfortable with BPS® precision dentures.

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