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Der Denture Centre offers prompt, professional denture relines and repair services in Prince George. We usually complete the procedure on the same day while you wait. Whether you have chipped or missing teeth that need to be replaced, fractured dentures, or stains that you'd like removed, we can help. Our denture clinic completes a variety of denture repairs and denture relines in Prince George, whether you are in an emergency or a non-emergency situation. Our friendly and qualified staff is composed of well-trained, experienced individuals who can offer you efficient service. We can also provide home and institutional care upon request. Contact Our Office to schedule an appointment or for more details about our repair services.

Experience in Hard and Soft Denture Relines

We are experienced in handling hard and soft denture relines, as well as resilient soft rubber liners. As your mouth's overall shape and dental ridges may be prone to change or may shrink over time, relines ensure a proper fit. A laboratory reline provides long-lasting results. However, hard or soft relines are more affordable. It's important to have your dentures relined so that they last longer and aid your overall oral health.

Broken Denture Repair

Repair or reline your broken or damaged dentures today.

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